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Calendar of Events

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The IFL Google Calendar can be found at: http://ironfistleague.com/calendar.htm

Black events are proposed IFL events (space has not reportedly been reserved for these events)

Blue events are firm IFL events (space is reserved for these events at the stated venue).

Red events are events sponsored outside of IFL you might want to attend.


Events, Dates, and Organizer(s):

S1/10 : Apocalypse Megabattle @ GPW (Paul)

F1/16 - N1/18: Conquest NW (40K/Fantasy Indy GT - Seattle WA)

S1/17 : Swap Meet @ Game Vault (Matt)

N1/18 : Wedding Tournament - Fantasy @ GPC (Bill)

S1/31 : Blood Bowl Tournament @ GPC (Kevin)

N2/1: 2250pt Fantasy RTT ($15) @ Atlantis Games & Comics - Virginia Beach

S2/14 - N2/15: Broadside Bash (40K/Fantasy Indy GT - Los Angeles CA)

N2/15: 1000pt 40k Team Tournament ($10) @ Atlantis Games & Comics - Virginia Beach

S2/21 : IFL 1st Quarter Tournament - Fantasy @ GPC (Kevin)

S2/21 - N2/22: A Gathering in the Desert (LOTR Indy GT - Phoenix AZ)

S2/28: 1850pt 40k RTT ($15) @ Atlantis Games & Comics - Virginia Beach

F3/6 - N3/8: The SoCal Slaughter (40K Indy GT - Los Angeles CA)

S3/7: Rapid Fire 40k Tournament @ Game Vault (Richard & Matt)

S3/7 - N3/8: The Lonewolf (Fantasy Indy GT - Dallas TX)

S3/14 - N3/15: The Exterminatus (40K/Fantasy Indy GT - Cleveland TN)

S3/21: Fantasy Escalation League Tournament @ GPC (Casey)

S3/28: Mega Swap Meet (IFL and Others) @ GPC (Moe)

F4/3 - N4/5: Adepticon (40K/Fantasy/LOTR Indy GT and Team Tournaments - Chicago IL)

S4/11: Mapless Campaign Tournament @ GPW (Joseph)

F4/17 - N4/19: The Colonial (Fantasy Indy GT - Cherry Hill NJ)

S4/25: 40K Apoc Tournament @ GPC (Kevin)

S5/2: 40K Sidebar Tournament @ GPW? (Ben)

S5/9: Games Day Baltimore @ Baltimore Convention Center

S5/30: IFL 2nd Quarter Tournament - 40K @ GPW (Bill)

S6/20: IFL Swap Meet @ GPC (Ben)

S6/20: Games Day Toronto - Queen Elizabeth Building, Toronto, Ontario, CA

S7/11: IFL 3rd Quarter Tournament - Fantasy @ GPW (Doug)

S7/18 - N7/19: The Big Waaagh!!! (40K/Fantasy/LOTR Indy GT - Memphis TN)

F7/24 - N7/26: The Necromonicon (40K/Fantasy/LOTR Indy GT - Orlando FL)

S7/25: Games Day Chicago - Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois

F8/21 - N8/23: The SoCal Slaughter (Fantasy Indy GT - Los Angeles CA)

S10/31: Dragon Wars @ GPC (Bill)

S11/7- N11/8: The Alamo (Fantasy Indy GT - San Antonio TX)


Hear of an event happening that should added here? Want to propose or schedule an event? Contact a 2009 Council member (Ben, Bill, Doug or Kevin).

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