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IFL Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse FAQ

Page history last edited by Rushputin 14 years, 9 months ago

General Rules

Q: Apocalypse rules were written for the fourth edition scoring system (which units score and which do not). Fifth edition changed that to say that only Troop units are considered scoring. What units are considered scoring in Apoc games?

A: [RAW] Use fifth edition rules for scoring units. That means that only non-vehicle Troop units count as scoring and you only need a single model to control an objective. Any model/unit can contest an objective.


Q: What happens when a unit gets a deep strike mishap and is returned to reserves?

A: [IFL House Rule] The unit must deep strike the next turn. This unit does not count towards the normal number of troops that are allowed to arrive from reserves in the next turn.


Q: Can I use more than one of the same named character in my Apoc army? For example, use two (or three) Abaddons.

A: [RAW] The Apoc rulebook says that all the restrictions in the codex are lifted. Without an exception to this rule mentioned, this includes the restriction on named characters as well. So you can play with as many of the same named character (or named character rule set) in your army as you like. If both players agree, you can limit each army to one of each named character.


Q: The rules for Apoc flyers say that all pentrating hits count as glancing, just as skimmers moving fast. This rule directly contradicts itself when applied to the rules for fifth edition since skimmers moving fast get a 4+ cover save against all shooting attacks. What should we do?

A: [IFL House Rule] Ignore the part "just as skimmers moving fast". Use the rest of the Apoc rules as written. Flyers will still count all penetrating hits as glancing and use the appropriate modifications to the damage tables. This ruling was backed by the GW rules guy.


Strategic Assets

Q: How does the asset "Hold at All Costs" work in fifth edition?

A: [RAW] Read as RAW. This asset will now make all of your non-vehicle (models without an armor value) units count as scoring units.


Codex: Chaos Demons

Q: How do units from codex Chaos Demons arrive in Apoc?

A: [RAW] Follow the rules in the codex. Divide the army into two halves. Roll at the start of the demon's turn one to see which half arrives on turn one and deep strike those units. The remainder of the army is held is reserve. Half of the units in reserve will arrive on turn two (per normal Apoc rules), and the other half will arrive on turn three (per normal Apoc rules). All demons must enter the table via deep strike (per codex Chaos Demons rules).


Q: What does the Careful Planning strategic asset do for armies using codex Chaos Demons?

A: [IFL House Rule] Chaos Demons that take the Careful Planning stragetic asset may deploy up to half of their reserves via deep strike on turn one. This allows them to deep strike 3/4 of their army on turn one, opposed to the normal 1/2. The other half of their reserves (1/4 of their army) will arrive on turn two or three (per normal Apoc rules).

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