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IFL Warhammer 40,000 FAQ

Page history last edited by Rushputin 14 years, 9 months ago

Q. How does the Black Templar Righteous Zeal interact with Go to Ground? Assuming a successful Morale test, do they move forward 1d6 and act normally (due to reaction to enemy actions) or do they move forward and are then unable to do anything on their next turn due to GtG?

A. Poll underway


Q. Multiple units in a single Force Organization selection. If an IG platoon is in Reserve, does it make a single Reserve roll for the entire platoon or does each squad roll separately, IG codex says single roll but 5th ed seems to say separate rolls?

A. One roll, per codex


Q. I’m assuming that a skimmer that Deep Strikes into difficult terrain has to take a Dangerous terrain test for ending a move in difficult terrain. True or false?

A. True


Q. Also, what about a unit disembarking from a Drop Pod into difficult terrain? The FAQs seem to state that units in Drop Pods are considered to be deep striking, so would they have to take a Dangerous Terrain test if their Pod landed in difficult terrain and they disembarked into difficult terrain?

A. Yes, they are considered to be deep striking and so would have to take a dangerous terrain test.


Q. A unit of bikes moves out of one piece of difficult terrain and into another piece of difficult terrain. One dangerous Terrain test or two?

A. One


Q. Can a tank ram outside of the movement phase, for example an Eldar tank with Star Engines?

A. No


Q. Units with Counterattack get +1 attack on the charge reaction. What effect does True Grit or Furious Charge have on this, ie does True Grit negate the +1 and/or does Furious Charge (Space Wolves Berserk Charge?) get a +2?

A. Any charge bonuses or penalties that a unit would receive to increase or decrease would apply just as if they had assaulted.


Q1. Some units have statements that if they take a transport they may not infiltrate (IG Hardened Veterans, for example). Can such units still use Outflank? Q2. What about a unit with Scout or Infiltrate joined by an IC who does not have either ability?

A1. Yes, they can still outflank.

A2. No.


Q. If an Independent Character is joined or attached to a squad and the squad is completely destroyed by shooting, does the IC have to take a Morale Test? Or does his reversion to IC status negate the Morale test?

A. Yes, he takes a Morale test.


Q. IG Heavy Weapon teams, how do they interact with the new wound allocation rules, ie are the ‘loader’ and ‘gunner’ considered to be the same (since the loader can take the weapon if the gunner dies-per FAQ) or is the ‘loader’ just a guy with a lasgun?

A. Under discussion


Q. Do units that cannot be seen or targeted (Harlequins over 24” away, stealth suits that you choose not to target, etc) still grant cover saves to units behind them?

A. Yes


Q. Can a Monolith teleport a fleeing unit forward, ie away from their board edge?

A. Under discussion


Q. The close combat diagram and it’s bullets on page 41 mentions models in base to base can only fight the unit they are in btb with in a multiple unit combat. I cannot find this in the rules text anywhere. Is the diagram and accompanying text correct or can models in a multiple unit combat attack any unit, regardless of which ones they are in btb with?

A. The btb restriction applies.


Q. Do the gun drones off of a Tau vehicle give up Kill Points? Can they contest an objective?

A. Yes to both


Q. If a vehicle moves at Cruising speed (12”) plus an additional 6” on a road, is it still considered to be moving at Cruising speed for purposes of units embarking/disembarking?

A. Yes


Q: Do you allocate wounds separately to a model with a separate profile of characteristics even if the model has the same characteristics and wargear as other members of the squad (ex: the Sgt in a Terminator Assault Squad)?

A: Yes


Q: Is a unit using the God of War (SM: pg84) subject to No Retreat! (BRB: pg44)?

A: Yes, if the unit chose to pass their morale test, or were caught in a sweeping advance (see And They Shall Know No Fear)

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Rushputin said

at 9:51 am on Feb 19, 2009

Copied and pasted from the Forum FAQ thread.

Not sure about the formatting/organization here.

Also, there are some items listed as "under discussion" that I think were resolved a while ago.

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