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Ratputin Marches - Winter 2009 Escalation League - Week 2

Page history last edited by Rushputin 12 years, 11 months ago

Winter 2009 Fantasy Escalation League


Week 2 




I've started work on a third unit of clanrats.  These'll be the first clanrats I've painted in over a year and a half, so they should look a lot nicer than my other two units.  I'm painting them in Skyre clan colors.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish all 25 in the week, since I plan on adding the unit to my list next week.  That might be a bridge too far, even though I think I've found a way to get the tails to look right with washes (instead of painting each ring individually, which takes more time than any other part of the model).


2/2: Ultimately, I got precious little painting done over the week.   I didn't finish the first 10 of 25 Clan Skyre Clanrats.  They're on hold, for now, as I've decided I'm going to hold off on adding the third Clanrat unit until much later in the league.  WIP pics to come, though.


Instead, I assembled three Clanrat Slave units.  This was a challenge, because I didn't want any armored torsos or legs in the slave units, and the cloth torsos are only one per sprue.  Using Giant Rats and some metal slaves, I was able to leaven out the plastic Clanrat models enough to get three slave units.  (I've got nearly enough spare models to pull off a fourth.)


I also primed and just started work on some Stormvermin, which I'm adding to my list (along with 40 slaves) in Week 3.



Army List


Here's kinda what I'm thinking about running next week.  I think the Cautious Shield will help me cut back on units that kill the crap out of me.  The Plague Censer Bearers will help me with some extra punch.  The Jezzails suck up a lot of fire, but having two units of them will help make sure that at least one of them gets som shots at nasty heavy infantry and cavalry.


Lords & Heroes

Chieftan - Halberd, Heavy Armor, Cautious Shield

Warlock Engineer - Condenser, Warp-Blades, Dispel Scroll x2


Clanrats x24 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x24 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Giant Rats x6

Night Runners x5

Night Runners x5


Plague Monks x25 - Full Command, Umbranner

Warplock Jezzails x5

Warplock Jezzails x5


Plague Censer Bearers x6


1200 points, 3 Casting Dice, 3 Dispell Dice, 110 models

Roster - Ratputin Marches - Week 2



Battle Notes


Game 6: vs. Pussridden Warriors

Joey beat me pretty solidly.  (Though we forgot to count points to find out how badly.)


Game 7: vs. Otharen 'tel Anoron

Against all odds, I managed a draw at the very last minute.


Game 8: vs. John Dunorian's Vampire Counts

I don't think I had any chance in this game, but it was still a fun game.  I managed to eliminate one (1) unit: the Corpse Cart.  Nothing else he had on the table allowed itself to be wiped out.  If I'd avoided a misfire with a Ratling Gun near the end of the game, I might have been able to off his general and pull out a... something, but it wasn't meant to be.


It's a neat army.  I could totally see myself collecting one once I'm comfortable with Skaven: I love the minis and the fluff, and the army seems to play pretty interestingly.


Game 9: vs. The Broken Nose Tribe

I beat the tar out of Casey, but I think it could have gone the other way.  I outshot him quite successfully and used my smaller units maneuvering around to ensure that he didn't get a single charge off.  I also managed to pursue and clip his final unit of Ogres, making the outcome of the battle a foregone conclusion.

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