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Ratputin Marches - Winter 2009 Escalation League - Week 4

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Winter 2009 Fantasy Escalation League


Week 4




This week I'll hopefully be burning through some clanrat slaves.  With the airbrushing I did last week, I think this should go quickly: paint some flesh, wash the bejesus out of everything and wrap up any cloth or metal bits.  I hope.  These guys are, for the most part, the last models I'll have to paint in the league: I'll have some giant rats, yes, and a Grey Seer and Screaming Bell in several weeks but I'm not as worried  about them as I am about the 40 slaverats.



Army List


Lords & Heroes


Chieftan - Halberd, Heavy Armour, Cautious Shield

Warlock Engineer - Accumulator, Condenser, Warp-Blades, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon

Warlock Engineer - Accumulator, Condenser, Warp-Blades, Death Globes, Dispel Scroll


Clanrats x24 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x24 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Giant Rats x6

Giant Rats x6

Night Runners x6

Night Runners x5

Stormvermin x24 - Full Command, Shields


Plague Monks x10 - Extra Hand Weapons

Warplock Jezzails x6


Plague Censer Bearers x6


1500 points, 6 Casting Dice, 4 Dispell Dice, 164 models

Roster - Ratputin Marches - Week 4


Not much new here: Death Globes on the other Warlock Engineer, 'cause I think they'd be fun to play with.  Shields on the dang Stormvermin, and the Jezzails and one of the Night Runners get bumped up to a more proper six models.  Between now and Tuesday, though, I might change my mind and replace the Death Globes and the extra Night Runner with a War Banner for the Stormvermin.



Battle Notes


Game 14 vs. The War Host of Athel Loren


Although I had some luck frying his Dryads and most of his Wardancers, my Jezzails failed to do enough damage to his Treeman.  One wound a round is better than nothing, but it wasn't enough to neutralize the the Terror that ultimately had every unit I had on the table fleeing.


Game 15 vs. Otharen 'tel Anoron


I did a pretty good job of slogging up his Dragon Knights, particularly when I forced them to charge a unit of Giant Rats causing a pursuit (or was it overrun?) off the table.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of charging his chariot, which fled and ran down one of my Ratling Guns, rallied, and ruined that half of the table for me.


Game 16 vs. Tower of Blessed Dread


The Ring of Hotek made things pretty rough for me.  It discouraged me from blasting Warp-Lightning at the right targets and, when I ultimately cast it anyway, succeeded in shutting the spell down.  My Pestilens units shot down the flank and cleaned up his shooting elements pretty tidily, but nothing else held.  I'm not sure what I have that can stand against Black Guard and Cold One Knights, when you can't electrocute them safely from a distance, are  very worrisome.

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