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Ratputin Marches - Winter 2009 Escalation League - Week 6

Page history last edited by Rushputin 14 years, 3 months ago

Winter 2009 Fantasy Escalation League


Week 6: 




Looks like I'm adding a third unit of Clanrats to my army, which means I  probably should take some pictures of the half-painted unit I started working on before getting sidetracked into the Stormvermin.  I'm going to have to rebase a few of them:  I've placed them on regimental bases, but as this unit will eventually be pushing a Screaming Bell, I'd better get every one of them onto individual bases.



Army List


Lords & Heroes

          Warlock Engineer - Condenser, Warp-Blades, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon

Chieftan - Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Stormbanner

Assassin - Weeping Blade


Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x25 - Full Command

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Giant Rats x6

Giant Rats x6

Night Runners x5

Poisoned Wind Globadiers x6

Stormvermin x24 - Full Command, Shields, War Banner


Gutter Runners x 6 - Poisoned Hand Weapons, Poisoned Throwing Stars

Plague Monks x10 - Extra Hand Weapons

Warplock Jezzails x6


Plague Censer Bearers x6


1900 points, 3 Casting Dice, 3 Dispell Dice, 197 models

Roster - Ratputin Marches - Week 6



Battle Notes


I spent a lot of time getting in my own way this week.  I think I've hit critical mass in terms of block units.  That's just as well, as the things I'll be adding once we hit 2,000 points will be pretty expensive, and I won't be able to add any more block units, I suspect.


My Globadiers did not work well at all in a large unit.  I'm not surprised.  If I run them at all, again, they'll be back to their MSU of two rats.  The Gutter Runners have proven to be a relatively poor investment of their points, and the Stormbanner has been amazing for me.


Game 19 vs. Durak's Black Powder Patrol


I had such a good game against Bill last week, I was happy to get in a second. 


The game went much more in my favor; we did the Stormbanner rules wrong, though on reflection it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.  What really won the game for me was Bill's consistent and wildly poor dice rolls.   I went first, and scooted across the table.  Popped the Stormbanner on his turn, and was assaulting him on the second turn.  Unfortunately, I packed myself fairly tightly and spent a lot of the game in my own way.


Still, by the end, I'd whittled his Longbeards down to nothing with shooting and spent the vast majority of the game in a never-ending fight against his stubborn Hammerers.


It was a good game.



Game 20 vs. Joey's Daemons of Chaos


This game... was not.  Skaven against an army that causes Fear across the board isn't going to be a good one.


I'll talk a bit about the fighting over the tower, because that was interesting and new to me, as opposed to the rest of the fight, in which I might as well not have been involved.


Gutter Runners Scouted just outside the building.  Daemons went first, and Daemonettes and Fleshhounds approached the building.  The Gutter Runners moved in, and peppered the Flesh Hounds with Poisoned Throwing Stars, killing one.  The Daemonettes assault the Gutter Runners but, because it was a building had to go at initiative... and the Gutter Runners were just as fast and won the roll.  They killed 5 Daemonettes... but because there were a great deal more and the assault was into a building, 5 were able to attack back and kill half the Gutter Runners, but not enough to win the combat.  Several more Daemonettes died to instability, leaving four.  (Or am I misremembering where the rest of them went?)


The Daemonettes were pushed back, and scared off a charge to their flank.  They charged and scared the Gutter Runners out of the building (and ultimately off the table).  In response, my unit of Plague Monks assaulted the building.  Daemonettes failed to kill any Plague Monks, and all ten were able to attack back.  Plague Monks + Extra Hand Weapons + Frenzy  x10 Monks = 30 attacks, which was pretty cool.  They managed to just barely kill the four remaining Daemonettes.  

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