Ratputin Marches - Winter 2009 Escalation League - Week 7

Winter 2009 Fantasy Escalation League


Week 7




I actually did some rat-painting this week!  In between the massive terrain push and trying to catch up on some Dark Angels projects, I managed to knock out my Grey Seer.  Unfortunately, I have yet to really start on my Screaming Bell conversion, so I'm afraid that it's not going to be done before the League is over.  That can't be helped, though.


Grey Seer.JPG


What's nice is, with this week's list, only the two units of slaves and the new ratling gun are unpainted.  So, that's something.



Army List


Lords & Heroes

Grey Seer - Eye of the Horned Rat, Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat, Warpstone Charm

Chieftan - Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Stormbanner

Assassin - Weeping Blade

Warlock Engineer - Accumulator, Condenser, Warp-Blades, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon


Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Giant Rats x6

Night Runners x6

Night Runners x5

Stormvermin x25 - Full Command, Shields, War Banner, Ratling Gun


Plague Monks x10 - Extra Hand Weapons

Warplock Jezzails x6


Plague Censer Bearers x6


1999 points, 8 Casting Dice, 5 Dispell Dice, 162 models

Roster - Ratputin Marches - Week 7



Battle Notes


Game 21 vs. Durak's Black Powder Patrol


I was really, really worried about this game.  Bill felt he had to apologize for his list before he started putting it on the table, and although the game could have gone very, very badly for me, Fortune was with me and it was a pretty good game.


Ultimately, it was a draw due to my Grey Seer and Battle Standard Bearer, along with the sole remaining Clanrat from a unit decimated by the Organ Gun, being unable to kill more than a single miner.  If I'd killed two of them, the combat would have tied, and the 335 point Grey Seer (+100 for being my General) and 149 point BSB (+100 for dropping my BattleStandard) would have tied.


Actually, you know what?  We should have tied.  Shit.  We forgot to count in the BSB for combat resolution.  He had the Hill + Outnumber, I had a single kill... plus the BSB.  Neither of us had musicians, which would have turned it into a tie, and I wouldn't have lost 684 points due to losing that combat.  I'll have to PM him and see if he minds revising our outcome (I'd lost by 260 points, which becomes a win by 425, which is enough to count as a victory).  EDIT: Actually, it looks like he had a musician in that unit, so it wouldn't have made a difference.  Bummer!


Anyway, It would have gone very badly for me but I rolled out of my ass all game and Bill blew all but one Ancient Power roll on the Anvil.  The Stormbanner lasted for nearly the entire game, which kept his Thunderers from accomplishing anything, and he rolled poorly to see if his Organ Gun could shoot.  It's kind of crappy: my magic banner (a not-inexpensive magic banner, but still) shut down his entire army... but at the same time if it hadn't, I wouldn't have stood a chance.


The Grey Seer did well: an extra point of Ld is always welcome for my army.  I didn't get many spells off, as he had 9 Dispell Dice; forcing me to throw everything I had at casting: Plague did really well the first time I cast it but was less impressive the second time.  I'm looking forward to sticking him on the Bell next week.  I don't expect it'll do me any favors, but it should be fun to play with.  Another alternative would but to upgrade my Seer to Thanquol, who looks significantly more survivable (not that that was a huge problem this game) and somewhat more magic-y. 


Game 22 vs. Tower of Blessed Dread 


This game was a disaster for me.  Frankly, I don't think there's anything in my armybook that can really deal with a Hydra.  Stegadons and Dragons aren't going to be any better.