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Ratputin Marches - Winter 2009 Escalation League - Week 8

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Winter 2009 Fantasy Escalation League


Week 8




I've painted nothing so far.  Unfortunately, with Madicon on this weekend, I'm not likely to, either.


3/12/09: I prepped and based 36 Giant Rats in anticipation of Week 9.



Army List


Army List


Lords & Heroes

Grey Seer - Eye of the Horned Rat, Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat, Warpstone Charm

Chieftan - Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Stormbanner

Assassin - Weeping Blade

Warlock Engineer - Accumulator, Condenser, Warp-Blades, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon


Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrats x25 - Full Command, Ratling Gun

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Clanrat Slaves x20 - Musician

Giant Rats x6

Night Runners x6

Night Runners x5

Poisoned Wind Globadiers x2

Stormvermin x25 - Full Command, Shields, War Banner, Ratling Gun


Plague Monks x10 - Extra Hand Weapons

Warplock Jezzails x5

Warplock Jezzails x5


Plague Censer Bearers x6

Warp-Lightning Cannon


2199 points, 8 Casting Dice, 5 Dispell Dice, 171 models

Roster - Ratputin Marches - Week 8



Battle Notes


Game 23 vs. The War Host of Athel Loren


Some things really came together for me, but most of the game was spent madly scrabbling to deal with a unit of Eternal Guard + Lord + Sorceress who teleported into my ranks as well as with the Treeman.


I spent most of the game forgetting to activate the Stormbanner, which only stuck around for one turn... but it didn't change much.  Some Warp-Lightning put some hurt on half of his archers, which greatly minimized his shooting.


The Eternal Guard hopped out of the woods and, foolishly, I didn't think they'd be able to charge out of it.  They did, and totally chased off my Stormvermin.  The Stormvermin bounced through nearly my entire line, and ended up on the other side of the table.  Fortunately, none of the units they ran through panicked, save for one (of two) Ratling Guns.  The one that didn't panic unloaded, point-blank, into the Guard.


I had a lot of luck with magic this game.  Skitterleap was amazing: teleporting my Grey Seer out of a unit of Slaves that had been overrun into by the Treeman and safely into the unit of Stormvermin was huge.  Death Frenzy was also game changing, and I've figured out why (though I hadn't realized it at the time).  That it gives my models an extra attack doesn't matter at all (although it was kind of cool to Frenzy the giant rats holding up the Treeman).  What's important is that Frenzied models are Immune to Psychology.  Given my profound issues dealing with Fear and Terror-causing units, this is a Big Deal.


Assassin did little this game, but that's not his fault.  The Warp-Lighting Cannon wasn't terribly useful, but it did knock out nearly half of the Treeman's wounds before getting chased off the table, so no complaints there.


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