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WotR Escalation League Rules

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The Rules


  • The League will start on May 18. Any games played before this date cannot be submitted.
  • Games must be played with the point value set for that week or the previous week.
  • Army lists may change between games, but there is a penalty for changing lists. (See below.)
  • Points are tracked per player, per faction.
  • There is no limit to the number of games you may play per week, but you may only report one game per opponent per week.
  • An optional game of the skirmish Lord of the Rings may be played before each game of War of the Ring. (See below.)


Weekly Points Level


On the Monday of each week the point values being played for that week's games will increase.


Points Level
1 500
2 750
3 1,000
4 1,250
5 1,500
6 1,750
7 2,000
8 2,250


Over the course of the League players will earn points. The top 8 scores will allow those players to go onto a 3 round final tournament to determine the League Champion.


Games must be reported to either the IFL Forum (in the appropriate subforum) or to the Wiki (in comments made on the Standings page), no later than the end of the following Monday. (So, reports for games from Week 1, which begins 5/18, must be reported no later than 5/25.) The last day to have any game reports in will be 7/6.


Changing Lists


Players may change their lists any number of times.between games. However, when you play a list that is at the same points level but is different from a list that you've already played that week, the score you receive for playing that game is reduced by 10% (before any bonuses are added).



Game 1, List 1 (Points Level A): No penalty (first game with this list at this level)

Game 2, List 2 (Points Level A): Penalty (different)

Game 3, List 1 (Points Level A): No penalty (you've already played with this list)

Game 4, List 3 (Points Level B): No penalty (first game with this list at this level)


Points can be earned a number of ways:


  • Playing games
  • Playing fully painted armies
  • Playing preliminary skirmish games
  • Updating their wiki page


All of these, save "Playing games" are completely optional.


Playing Games


  • Winner gains points equal to the point value of the game.
  • Loser gains points equal to half the point value of the game.
  • Players that draw will each gain points equal to 3/4 the point value of the game.


Playing Fully Painted Armies


Players who field armies that are 100% painted gain points equal to 10% of the point value of the game, regardless of victor.


Preliminary Skirmish Games


Players may agree to play a game of Lord of the Rings before their game of War of the Ring. This game may be no larger than 50% of the points value of the War of the Ring game it precedes. This game is optional, and requires the consent of both players.


The lists used in the skirmish game are not subject to the Changing Lists rule above.


The lists used in the preliminary skirmish game must, for the most part, represent a subset of the models/units used in the following War of the Ring game it precedes. This is subjective, and your opponent may object to the contents of your skirmish list if they believe it to be unreasonably different. In this case, the results of the skirmish game are not counted for either player.


The winner of this game will then be able to choose either the Objective or Deployment used in the following War of the Ring game.


Both players gain points equal to the point value of the game in a similar fashion to the way points are calculated for the full War of the Ring game.


Escalation League Wiki


Players are encouraged to maintain a wiki page (or set of wiki pages) on the IFL Wiki, and can gain bonus points based on their efforts.


The criteria on which a wiki will be evaluated are listed below.


Content Bonus Score
Battle Reports (Summary) 100 per game
Battle Reports (Detailed or Photos) 200 per game
Battle Reports (Detailed and Photos) 300 per game
Painting/Modeling Photos 200 per week
Game Statistics 100 per week
Fiction 200 per week
Other* 200 per instance


* This could be anything not covered in the above; specialized graphics, an examination of the evolution of your army, or something nobody's tried before. This is going to be unavoidably subjective; if you think something should be discussed, bring it up!

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